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Are you a director of a marketing consultancy who'd like to spend more time on marketing and brands, and less time being bored in board meetings, bogged down with all the organisational stuff? Do you have dreams of leaving to run your own show but concerns about doing it all alone?


By joining our network you could run your own consultancy, whilst being part of a bigger adventure.
We call it "flying solo, in formation".


You pay a small licensing fee to get:

  • An 'off the shelf' proven brand idea, identity and website

  • An established reputation backed by a strong marketing plan
    that creates leads, opens doors and wins projects

  • Supercharged thinking from our growing bank of know-how:
    7 books, Top 10 European branding blog

  • Join a group of like-minded people on a bigger adventure:
    to become the world's number 1 name in brand strategy

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